Fluid Film

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Fluid Film Liquid AR

Product Description:

Fluid Film Liquid AR is an amber coloured, soft gel, environmentally friendly, solvent free nontoxic anti-corrosion antirust protection product. Fluid Film Liquid AR will not evaporates and is an anti-corrosive coating, lubricant and penetrant for all metals.

General Usage:

Fluid Film Liquid AR is used in heavy marine and general industry, particularly for ballast tanks and voids, chains, hoists, wire rope, winches, turnbuckles, conveyors, bearings, augers, drills, valves, linkages, scales, joints and zert fittings.

Fluid Film Liquid AR Preserves parts in storage and during shipment. Fluid Film Liquid AR is used in the maintenance of aircraft, heavy equipment, and automobiles. Also used in refineries, salt plants, power plants and gas companies.


Fluid Film Liquid AR can be applied using an airless spray, roller, brush or grease gun. If this soft gel is to be transferred from its original container into a spraying device, it is desirable to break the gel's thixotropy by mechanical agitation. The agitation will convert the product to a liquid consistency and make pouring feasible. If conditions dictate a heavier coating or lubricant, refer to other Eureka Chemical Company Product Bulletins for semi-liquids, gels and greases or consult Eureka Chemical Company.

Particulars for Heavy Marine:

No sandblasting required

Remove flaking rust and peeling paint

Break all blisters larger than 25mm (one inch)

Remove all standing water

Residual coal tar and asphaltic coatings should be removed to leave a thickness of no more than 50 microns (0.002 inches).

If sufficient time and/or funds are not available for ideal preparation, Fluid Film® Liquid AR may be applied with less preparation or none at all. In this case, it must be remembered that the product will soften scale to the point where exfoliation is likely.

While this provides a relatively inexpensive method of descaling, tanks should be inspected more often, perhaps every several months, to determine if scale and coating have fallen. If so, touch-up of bare areas should be accomplished as soon as practical.

Fluid Film® AR Properties

Specific Gravity: 0.910 - 0.920 (77°F).
Viscosity: Brookfield HBF Spindle #5, 70°F. Rpm - 8, Poise - 1792, Strokes - 1969
Flash Point: 157°C (315°F)
Effect on Copper, Brass: No Staining

Fluid Film® AR Product Notes

Note: 1 The use of anodes in tanks coated with Fluid Film® Liquid AR is considered an unnecessary expense and redundant to the purpose and function of the coating.
Note: 2 When welding in tanks coated with Fluid Film® Liquid AR, wipe material back a distance of 1.5 meters (5 feet) from where hot work is to be performed and from the deck area beneath the hot work. See Technical Bulletin #202.2.
Note: 4 This document is subject to revision without notice.