Fluid Film

New Zealand Representative Mega Distributors Ltd

Heavy Marine

FLUID FILM soft-coatings have a long and dependable history of protecting metals under the harshest of marine environments. Penetrating existing rust, FLUID FILM adheres and absorbs into metal pores, sealing out corrosion and spreading to remain flexible, self-healing and highly resistant to salt-water. Because FLUID FILM remains soft it compensates for heat expansion and will not dry or crack like traditional hard-coatings, providing excellent, long-term protection for a fraction of the cost.

FLUID FILM has been used for over 60 years around the world in ships, barges, dry-docks, offshore drill-rigs, chain lockers, inside rudders, wire rope cables, etc FLUID FILM requires less surface preparation and covers in a single coat, offering ease of application and less labour costs. FLUID FILM is a non-toxic, non-irritating, non-flammable coating that remains in a permanently soft gel state.