Fluid Film

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Our Commitment to the Environment

Fluid Film products are solvent free and consist of an all natural lanolin base, which contain less than 1% VOC in their bulk form. Remaining solvent free since the original formulation in 1943, the Fluid Film product line is made of the highest quality corrosion preventives and lubricants available on the market today.

fluid film is an environment friendly lubricant and rust prevension system

Eureka Chemical Company has conducted extensive testing on its products since its inception in the early 1940's, when Dr. Herman Hess, Eureka's founder and chemist created the revolutionary formulation of FLUID FILM. FLUID FILM's unique wool-wax formula has been used in various forms beginning with the U.S. Navy on Ships during World War II to protect against corrosion of steel from salt air and salt water. In 1953, military specifications MIL-R-21006 and MIL-C-23050 were issued by the military for FLUID FILM Liquid A and Gel BW respectively. Today, FLUID FILM has probed the depths of the sea and space, being effectively utilized by nuclear submarines to its exclusive use on the space shuttle. FLUID FILM's WRO product is specified under MIL-PRF-18458C, and its aerosol exceeds MIL-C-16173. The company has stuck to its decision to remain solvent free, manufacturing the highest grade of rust/corrosion preventives and lubricants on the market today.

Fluid Film, when used on cutting devices, will not burn greenery.