Fluid Film

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Fluid Film BW

Product Description:

Fluid Film BW is a permanently soft gel coating for all metals. Fluid Film BW will not evaporate, is environmentally friendly and is a solvent free, nontoxic anti-corrosion and anti-rust protection product.

General Usage:

Fluid Film BW is an anti-corrosive coating for all metals. Fluid Film BWprotects against attack by moisture, salt solutions and atmospheres in marine, agriculture and industrial environments. Fluid Film BW applications are made to canisters, structure, and other equipment requiring protection from corrosion for extended periods.

Fluid Film BW is not recommended for extended exposure to bright sunlight. For these applications use Fluid Film® GEL BEW(Exterior). See Technical Bulletin #202.3.

If conditions dictate a heavier or lighter coating or lubricant, refer to other Eureka Chemical product bulletins for semi-liquids, gels and greases or consult Eureka Chemical Company.

Surface Preparation:

New Construction: No sandblasting required. Remove any loose mill scale. Welding flux residues must be removed by wire brushing followed by washing with clean water. Clean up all debris. If surface has been shop primed with inorganic zinc, do not coat until the zinc has been cured a minimum of 30 days.

If Service Equipment: No sandblasting required. Remove flaking rust and peeling paint. Break all blisters larger than 25 mm (one inch). Remove all standing water. Clean up all debris and silt. May be applied over tightly adhering rust. Residual coal tar and asphalt coatings must be removed to leave a thickness of no more than 50 microns (0.002 inches). If surface is heavily scaled, consult your local Eureka representative. For further details, see Technical Bulletin #202.4.


Number of Coats: One.
Typical Coverage Per Drum:

146m 2 (1,571 ft 2 ) at 1.44 mm (56mils) thickness for new steel.

127m 2 (1,367ft 2 ) at 1.64 mm (64 mils) for rusty steel.

On very heavy rust, visual inspection is required for best thickness recommendation.

Curing Time: None. Equipment may be used immediately after coating.
Methods: Airless spray, roller, brush.
Clean Up: Rags and kerosene.
Protective Equipment: When spraying use approved eye protection to safeguard against potential eye contact. Use respirator or gas mask with appropriate cartridges and anisters (NIOSH approved, if available) to remove oil mist. If making repairs by brush, a respirator is not required.

Fluid Film® Properties

Color: (ASTM-D1535) White: 2.5YO / 2 or lighter.
Flash Point: 207°C (405°F)
Unworked Penetration: 201-223
Specific Conductivity: Less than 10 -9 ohm/cm @ 1mHz.
Effect on Rubber: None on neoprene, buna-n and most synthetics. Some swelling on natural rubber.
Effect on Aluminum: No pitting.
Effect on Copper, Brass: No staining.
Effect on Steel: No hydrogen embrittlement.
Dropping Point: 96°C (205°F). This value is given for information purposes only and is not to be construed as a recommendation for maximum temperature.
Toxicity: Click for MSDS
Performance: Fog (Inches/Year): ASTM-D117 (5000 hours) 0.00016 MIL-C-23050 0.00020 (maximum allowed 0.005)
Simulated Ballast Tank:MIL-C-23050 0.00053, (maximum allowed 0.005)