Fluid Film

Australian Region Representative STOTT INDUSTRIAL Pty Ltd

Aviation and Aerospace

In the critical aerospace & aviation industries, corrosion preventives and lubricants can face a vast and extensive battery of tests to reach chemical approval. FLUID FILM has faced intense scrutiny by government research laboratories as advanced as Boeing's Space Systems Division for use on the Space Shuttle and Boeing's Engineering Materials and Process Laboratory for use on aluminium alloys, exceeding process requirements and expectations, ultimately resulting in reduced maintenance costs.

FLUID FILM has proven so effective in these industries that specifications were written by the U.S. Navy/Army/Marine Corps, Sundstrand Aerospace, Boeing North America, U.S. Coast Guard, U.S. National Guard, Sikorsky Helicopter and Delta airlines for the use of FLUID FILM in a variety of applications.

The U.S. Air Force, in accordance with Mil-C-16173-E Grade 2, conducted testing on FLUID FILM. FLUID FILM exceeded all performance requirements.